Nikki Hillman

Free Lance Writer, Editor & Publisher


I am able to provide services to support your business,  career or personal writing and publishing ambitions.

These services include;

•Publishing - Online and Print

•Editorial Services

•Web content development

•Creative writing

Publishing - Online / Print

if you have a book that you are trying to post onto SmashWords or any other online publishing tool, I can offer services to take this time consuming, confusing and challenging task off your hands.  

Editorial Services

It's very important that your final work whether for school, work or career development are as perfect as possible in the written form.   Any grammical error or misspelled word can take a great thought or idea and quickly lose your audience. 

Web Content Development

Content is king when it comes to engaging your audience or customers online for your business.   in many cases regular blog posts, newsletters and update to social media tools are important in maintaining a strong online presence. 

Creative Writing

You provide the vision and I will put this into words.  

Editorial & Publising Services


I offer a selection of writing & publishing support services for your business, career or vocational needs.   A summary of these support services as follows;

  • Publishing - Online and Print
  • Editorial Services
  • Social Media Content development
  • Social Media
  • Creative writing

I offer services that can be purchased by the page, task, word or hour. Give me a call to see how I can help you today.

Publishing - Online and Print

If you need to publish a business journal, or any of your personal written works, either online or in print,  I can help you achieve this time consuming, sometimes frustrating and challenging task.  There are many tools available today that I can leverage to make this a quick reality.   

Editorial Services

In today's world it is so important that the written word is well presented with the right voice, style and void of  simple mistakes.  If you are looking to improve your vocational grades with a more professional paper or looking to ensure your company is presented in the best possible light,  give me a call.


Social Media Content Development

Content is king when it comes to raising your online profile on the web or with your customers.   It is so important to have regular blog contributions, updates to your social media feeds, and provide relevant information to your customers or partners online.   I can provide a service that will allow you to achieve these important but distracting tasks each and every week and or month of the year.  This will allow you to focus on your core business while leveraging the benefits of relevant online content contributions.


Creative writing

If you are looking to complete a biography, business journal, script or bring a story to life,  having a writer as part of the creative process is a perfect way to get great idea's onto paper or online.   You bring the idea's and together we will put them into the power of words.